If you’re looking for a thrill or just something different to push yourself, you might consider participating in a mud run! Mud Runs are increasing in popularity because they provide runners with obstacles that test both their mental and physical strength. Even if the races seem intimidating, there’s an added element of fun since every obstacle takes place in the mud! Here are 6 reasons to sign up for one of these races: 

  1. You can play in the mud! Slide, jump, splash like there’s no tomorrow! Nobody is judging you.
  1. The race itself will not bore you like a normal 5K! You’ll be running, climbing, and jumping. Some races even include extreme obstacles where runners encounter fire, electric shocks and swimming through ice.  
  1. The runner’s finishing time doesn’t matter because everyone who finishes the race is a winner! These runs are all about enjoying the experience, so you can take all the time you want on any or all of the obstacles. 
  1. Regardless of your finish time, the experience will leave you with some unique memories, especially if you sign up to compete as a team with friends or family members. You’ll strengthen your bonds and build up comradery. 
  1. Signing up for a race gives you a reason to train for something! Even if you aren’t at your peak fitness when the day of the race rolls around, you can still participate. By signing up with a friend or family member, you can help each other stay motivated to train and hold each other accountable. 
  1. There’s a sense of accomplishment, pride and confidence that comes from finishing any type of race or athletic event that pushes you to your limits. You may surprise yourself and do much better than you were expecting! 

Races to consider participating in: Tough Mudder, Spartan Race & Warrior Dash