Spring Break is worth looking forward to whether you’re traveling or staying home – either way, it’s a much-needed break from schoolwork and classes. If you won’t be traveling, check out our blog from March 2022: How To Enjoy Spring Break When You’re Not Traveling. If you will be traveling, keep reading for tips, tricks and smart money moves!

Avoid expensive last-minute decisions by planning your lodging and activities a couple months in advance when you have time to scout for sales and read reviews. You can search apps and sites like VRBO, Airbnb, Expedia and TripAdvisor to compare pricing. Google can also point you toward less expensive lodging in addition to providing reviews for fun and reputable attractions in the area you’ll be visiting. 

The month of March is understandably a busy time for airlines. For this reason, traveling by trains, buses or car might be more desirable and less expensive. A shared road trip with roommates and friends can make for a very memorable trip; however, if you prefer the convenience and speed of flying, you may want to consider booking flights at ‘off-peak’ times and fly discount airlines or take non-direct flights. Scheduling connecting flights might be less desirable, but it might save you a considerable chunk of money.

Before leaving home, double check your luggage has everything you’ll need on your trip so you don’t need to purchase forgotten essentials, clothing or toiletries at tourist prices later. Create a checkoff list a week before your trip so you have time to jot down anything you think of later and you will have ample time to do laundry and pack.

Souvenirs are fun! Unfortunately, they’re often impulsive purchases and a waste of money. Before swiping your card, carefully consider your decision to splurge on a new mug or shirt. If the souvenir will fit in your suitcase and it’s something you’ll use often then go for it! If it’s something likely to get pushed to the back of your kitchen cabinet or lost in the back of your closet, maybe skip it!  

Having a great vacation doesn’t mean you need to break the bank. Follow these tips to have a memorable Spring Break while staying within your budget.