The invention of phone and tablet apps have revitalized the world and provided ease of access for so many users. Today you can find a helpful app for just about anything. Here are some interesting and useful apps to consider downloading the next time you go to the app store or play store: 


  • Headspace – guided meditation app
  • Calm – guided meditation app
  • MyFitnessPal – calorie, carb, sugar intake, exercise, & water tracker
  • Plant Nanny – maintain/water virtual house plants every time you drink water and log it in the app. A great way to stay hydrated!
  • Waterllama– track daily water intake, set goals, and get reminders


  • Goodreads – reading app that makes it easy to find new books, keep track of your reading list, and check in on what your friends are reading too
  • Shazam – identify music, movies, advertising, and television shows 
  • Audible – access over 200,000 audio books including bestsellers, new releases, classics, podcasts, sleep tracks and guided meditations  


  • Duolingo – language learning app
  • Memrise – language learning app
  • TED – satisfy your curiosity and expand your knowledge with TED Talks given by experts in various fields


  • Zombies, Run! – a unique way to motivate you to jog or run. You get to listen to your own music playlist, but there are approaching zombie noises the motivate you to keep running 
  • I Love Hue– relaxing color puzzles
  • Two Dots – simple yet addictive game to test your speed and color-matching skills
  • Subway Surfers – run or skateboard through a metro railway and collect coins and power ups, dodge oncoming trains, leap over obstacles while evading capture
  • Woodoku – a fun mash up puzzle game of tetris and sudoku!  
  • Wordle – a highly addictive and competitive game to challenge your mind and spelling skills
  • Wordscapes – improve your vocabulary with this crossword/word search game that gets increasingly more challenging with the more progress you make  


  • Forest – concentration app where you ‘plant’ a forest for as long as you don’t use your phone (forcing you to stay on task – hopefully!). You’ll stop planting a virtual forest if you use your phone for something. You earn points by staying off your phone and those earned points can be used to plant real trees around the world!
  • LinkedIn –  find job opportunities, keep your resume handy and up-to-date, and make professional connections 
  • GasBuddy – tracks the cheapest and nearest gas station wherever you are
  • Allrecipes Dinner Spinner – helps you find recipes using the ingredients you already have in your fridge or pantry
  • Charity Miles– after choosing your charity, your phone’s GPS will track activity and donate 10 cents for each mile, motivating you to walk, ride, and run!