For those that don’t have a gym membership, keeping fit during the winter can be a challenge. Even with a gym membership, the cold weather and shorter days can lead to a lack of motivation or desire to be active. Despite these setbacks, exercising in the winter is still very important for overall health and happiness. Here are some ways to stay in shape during the cold, winter months:

Workout Videos

If you cannot afford a gym membership or don’t want to invest in one, there are a multitude of guided workouts online. Free videos created by personal trainers or fitness enthusiasts are available on YouTube, Pinterest, Tik Tok and Instagram. There are also videos through paid memberships like BeachBody On Demand that offer great exercises, motivation, recipes and results.  

Winter Activities

Braving the cold and making the most of winter can also be rewarding if you dress warm enough! Take advantage of activities that can only be appreciated during winter like ice skating, snowshoeing, downhill skiing and cross country skiing. These activities can be enjoyed leisurely, socially, or you can challenge yourself by increasing speed or adding in fun drills and competitions. 

Take The Stairs

Taking the stairs instead of riding the elevator is an easy way to fit in a bit of activity to your busy schedule. Studies have shown you can even burn more calories by climbing the stairs as opposed to jogging! If you want to increase the exercise, consider running the stairs up and down for a few reps. 

Goal Setting

By setting a realistic goal to participate in a marathon, gain more muscle, or lose a certain amount of weight in time for a vacation, you’ll be more likely to keep on track with your fitness journey. These goals can be the necessary reminder to keep going when the cold weather and short days start making you want to quit. 

Celebrate Progress

Track and celebrate your progress by documenting with pictures before you start actively working out and as you notice changes in your weight and health. Posting progress photos is a great way to inspire friends and family to make healthy adjustments in their lives as well. And who doesn’t like a bit of positive attention online?