When you live in an apartment building it’s important to be courteous of your neighbors that rent on either side of your unit, above you, below you and even the renters 3 doors down. Everyone has different work, school and sleep schedules. Everyone also has different levels of noise tolerance. Keep these in mind so that everyone can have a peaceful living experience:

Don’t stomp up and down the stairs or hallways. Also, be mindful of your footsteps when you’re in your apartment so you’re not walking loudly above the person who lives below your unit. Although this can be unintentional it is still very annoying to those around you.

Be considerate of the noise and music level in your apartment. You might enjoy listening to rock n’ roll at 1:00 a.m., but your neighbor who has to work at 8:00 a.m. might not. 

Don’t hog the washing machine or dryers if you have a communal laundry room. Transfer your clothes in a timely manner and don’t remove someone else’s laundry from the machine without their consent.

If you smoke inside your apartment, open a window to allow ventilation so the halls don’t begin to smell.

If pets are allowed, make sure they are quiet and well trained.

Take trash to the dumpsters right away instead of leaving unsightly bags in the hallway.

Discuss issues with your neighbors calmly and politely before anything escalates. It’s courteous to discuss small issues with the person involved before asking management to get involved.