Moving can be very exciting but there are several matters you’ll need to take care of to make the process smoother and ensure issues don’t arise later. 

Update your address – Contact the post office ahead of time so they know you’ve moved. You may need to change the name on the mailbox unless this has been done for you by the landlord or the post office.

Update insurance – You’ll need to update your renter’s insurance and the addresses for your health and auto insurance policies

Know how to pay rent – Make sure you know where to send a rent check or whether online payments are possible. If you’re paying with a check, find out who to make the check payable to.

Read your lease – Knowing what the lease says is important because you’ll be expected to follow these rules for the duration of your time living at the property. Your guests will also have to follow the rules. 

Find out how to contact maintenance – Save emergency contact numbers and know how to contact maintenance for non-emergency maintenance, as well as, emergency maintenance.  

Orient yourself with the property – Locate where to take your trash and recycling. Find the laundry room if laundry isn’t in-unit. Locate the mailboxes and package drop off. Find out where the office is and whether there are any common areas for tenants.

Know where to park – Avoid being towed by reading over the parking lease rules if you have a vehicle.

Register to vote! – If you’ll be living at the property for a long time, you’ll want to register to vote in the area.