Subletting is a great opportunity for both the sublessor and sublessee. If you are the original tenant planning to sublet, check out our article here: Searching For A Sublet.

Artwork by Thuan Huynh

If you are planning to sublet from somebody, these tips are for you to make sure the subletting period goes smoothly:

  1. Note the condition of the apartment at the time of the sublet to allow for clarity on who is responsible if any damages are found at the end of the lease term.
  2. Keep the sublessor’s contact information in case of an emergency or if you have questions about the sublet term.
  3. Contact the post office so they know you’ve moved. You may need to change the name on the mailbox.
  4. Ask sublessor if you’ll be paying rent to them upfront, monthly, or directly to the landlord.
  5. You’ll be expected to follow the same rules as the sublessor, so ask them or the property manager for a copy of the original lease and read through it.
  6. Know where you’re allowed to park if you have a vehicle.
  7. Ask sublessor where to take your trash and recycling.
  8. Ask sublessor where the laundry room is if laundry isn’t in-unit.
  9. Ask sublessor where the mailboxes and packages are dropped off.
  10. Look into community events to meet the locals or see if there are common areas in the building where you can meet your neighbors.
  11. Find out whether you’ll be cleaning the unit at move out or if the sublessor plans to return for that.
  12. Know what to do with the keys at the end of the sublet period.