As new social gathering mandates go into effect across the nation to accommodate upcoming holidays and discourage travel, the thought of the well-deserved Thanksgiving and Winter break can seem rather bleak. Quarantining alone or with only your roommates can be a difficult decision to stick by, especially when the boredom eventually sets in. To keep the boredom at bay for awhile longer, here are some top-rated games to pass the time:

Jackbox is a digital gaming platform with the hit party games YOU DON’T KNOW JACK, Quiplash,  Fibbage, Drawful, and Trivia Murder Party. The games can be played on PC/MAC, Playstation 3 & 4, XBOX 1, and Nintendo Switch.

Great game to play over video chat with friends!

Dixit is a card game with beautiful and unique illustrations. The person taking a turn is the ‘storyteller’ and creates a story title based on one of the cards. The other players need to guess which card the ‘storyteller’ selected.

There are several versions of the Codenames games on the market, but Codenames Pictures is a favorite of ours because of its thought provoking illustrations. In teams of 2, you can become a spymaster and give your partner coded clues to determine the location of your agents. Find all of your agents before the other team to win! A coded message is one word or pronoun that connects 1 or more picture tiles.

This game is easier if you and your partner think alike!

The game is just as ridiculous as the title suggests! Diffuse bombs with yoga, lasers, and catnip sandwiches.

Collect and play matching cards with silly names like Hairy Potato Cat or Taco Cat.

Who doesn’t like a multiplayer strategy game?

As the title would suggest, you can say anything when it comes to answering the silly questions posed by this game. This game is similar to Cards Against Humanity but you write all of your own answers.

INCOHEARENT is a fun and silly party game that takes common phrases and splits them up into phonetic gibberish. Players need to listen closely to catch the ‘hidden phrase.’

This game isn’t only for people pursuing a degree in law or politics! Anyone can debate the silly scenarios in this game. In each turn there are 2 players that become ‘politicians’ and argue silly or serious topics. The other players vote for the winner of the debate!

A classic.

Tap into your artistic side with this beautiful and abstract game.

Pandemic is a rather fitting game to play during times of stricter social distancing orders.