Moving is always a hassle, but there are ways to make the transition smoother:

Find Free Moving Boxes

Don’t spend $1.80 per box at Walmart when you can reach out to family and friends online, post on Facebook Marketplace and the Next-Door App, check the free section on Craigslist, or check with local grocery and department stores. Often times liquor stores will have extra boxes to give away – and they’ll be sturdy since they’re made for supporting heavy bottles.

Remember to buy: packing paper, packing tape, bubble wrap, markers, and garbage bags.

Start Early

Pack Smart

  • Heavy items like books are best packed in a rolling suitcase. Heavy items that cannot be moved in a suitcase should be stored in small boxes to make lifting and carrying easier.
  • Socks, clothes and towels can be used to wrap fragile items and kitchen glasses.

  • Leave your clothing on the hangers and wrap several hangers together in a garbage bag.
  • Store jewelry in empty egg cartons, pill box/organizers, or separate individual necklaces with straws.
  • Saran wrap can prevent spills if you put a small piece on the top of a liquid bottle and then replace the cap. Use this method for shampoos, conditioners, soap bottles, kitchen oil, etc.

  • Use Styrofoam plates as alternating dividers between dishes to prevent scratching or cracks.
  • Dismantle lamps and wrap fragile pieces – like light bulbs – in bubble wrap.
  • Use crockpots and soup pots to store small items or spices. Rubber band pots and lids together.
  • Cover mattresses with a water-proof cover and a sheet on each side to keep the mattress clean during moving. Wash both sheets after moved.
  • Shrink wrap couches and plush furniture to avoid tearing fabric.
  • Use garbage bags to keep pillows clean.
  • Label boxes with color coded tape or write labels on the side of the box. Don’t write on the top!

Moving Day Essentials

Keep a separate bag with essentials like money, medication, change of clothes, toiletries, phone chargers, cleaning supplies, and snacks.

Thank Your Help

Moving isn’t fun for anyone involved and sometimes stress can lead to frustration and bickering. If friends and family volunteer to help, remain kind and thank them for their time, effort and muscles. Food is a great way to show appreciation! If a moving company is hired, make sure to properly tip the individual movers who lent a hand.