Doing laundry is never loads of fun, but it is an important part of being a responsible adult and a pleasant-smelling classmate. Before most people graduate to the luxury of in unit laundry or own a home with a private washer and dryer, it’s common to share an apartment complex laundry room. However, with multiple people utilizing the same space and relying on a couple machines, occasionally problems can arise. Follow these tips to minimize the chances of problems and avoid being the source of problem altogether!

Don’t Hog Machines
The first step to ensure you’re being the very best neighbor you can be in regards to washer and dryer etiquette, is to be mindful about how long you’re using the machines. Set a timer so you know when your clothes are done and you can move them to the dryer to free the machine up for the next person.Woman Sitting On Washing Machine

Respect Your Neighbors
A tough part about sharing can be the wait time if someone got to the machines before you. If someone has clothes in the washer or dryer, don’t interrupt their cycle to replace them with yours. You wouldn’t want someone touching your underwear and personal belongings, so it’s very likely they don’t want you touching theirs. If you find yourself waiting frequently, consider planning for a less busy time to do your washing. If someone hasn’t moved their clothes yet after their cycle ended, try to find the patience to give them more time. They might have been delayed by an assignment or chatty roommate they can’t escape. If more than 10 minutes have passed after their cycle ended and they still haven’t returned, see if there is a laundry basket to transfer the clothes to so they stay clean. Putting someone’s wet clothes on the floor is always frowned upon. If need be, set them on top of the washer or a clean surface. Regardless of reason, generally taking someone’s clothing out of the washer is considered rude but unfortunately sometimes there isn’t another option.

Protect Your Belongings And Don’t Overload
Most laundry machines have guidelines printed on the lids. In general, you don’t want to fill the machine with clothes over the drain holes. Following this will allow for proper cleaning and should allow them to dry completely in one cycle. Overloading the machine can result in damage to your laundry like tears or burns. It’ll be worth the extra money to run a separate load instead of needing to buy new clothes!

Take Responsibility For Your Mess
If you make a mess in the communal laundry room, make sure you clean up after yourself. Nobody else is going to want to clean up your detergent spill or throw away your used dryer sheets and lint ball. Be respectful of the space and your impact on it since it’s not just you it affects!

If there are issues with any of the machines please place a work order for maintenance or let the office know. Contact maintenance through your tenant portal or contact the office by email or give us a call at (608) 233-4440.