Enjoying your time at college can be just an important as performing well in your classes. In the fall semester, there is much to look forward to prior to the inevitable stress that will come with exams in December. Now that you are settled into your apartment and enjoying campus life, upcoming events and holidays can help keep your spirits up and create well-deserved stress relief from the hustle and bustle of college living.  One way to help get you and keep you in the festive spirit is to decorate your space with a seasonal touch. Decorating your house as a renter does not have to be extensive or expensive. When living in an apartment building, storage space can be hard to come by. Use these helpful decorating ideas to spice up your space without downsizing your decorating. Use wall, window and ceiling common areas in addition to decorating to your everyday household items to pep up your property!

1. Calming Candles

Candles Nothing says holidays like the scent of cinnamon or peppermint filling your apartment. The added value for college students is that they both have aromatherapy properties that can help fight mental fatigue during your cram sessions, as well as increasing concentration and focus. Scented candles can get you in the spirit while having benefits for your study habits year round.

2. Tissue Paper Christmas Tree

This tree can be as large or small as you would like it to be, with zero storage space required and inexpensive supplies. While it doesn’t take up much real estate, it has a big impact on your housing vibe. Read how to craft it and find the supply checklist here.

3. Snowman Refrigerator

snowman-fridge Come out from the cold and in for a snack with this delightful idea. Appliances in your apartment can be both functional and festive! Again, affordable, minimal supplies required and no storage needed.  Turn your fridge into Frosty with these easy-to-follow steps. Photo credit: Rid Sevilla

4. Pumpkins Galore

pumpkins-galore The best thing about fresh pumpkins and gourds is that they can stick around your complex for all of October and transfer to Thanksgiving décor as well. They add a festive feeling to your entryway, mantle, kitchen centerpiece and more. The orange, gold and brown spice up any apartment; add a leaf or two to your arrangement for added texture (available for free outside)! This also comes with the added value of being able to make pumpkin seeds when the season is over and again, no need for storage! It also can be a great reason to get outside and visit your local market.  Find out how to make your fresh fall fruits last even longer here.

5. Door Wreath

door-wreath Share with your neighbors and/or roommates the way in which you celebrate the holidays by making a DIY wreath for your entryway. A few simple items can create a one-of-a-kind wreath that is simple and elegant. If you don’t want to store it at your rental, homemade decorations make great gifts to pass on to your family and friends!